Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas
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My apologies to those of you who didn't receive cards, that would be everyone. We weren't with it this year. Instead, please to enjoy this online greeting card from me and my family. Love to all and I hope you have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and Wonderful New Year!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Trying to get out the door...

Aidan and I went to visit one of Andy's cousins with a new baby on Tuesday. Here's how getting out the door on time to make an 11 AM visit in Annapolis went.

9:40 - Woke Aidan up early from his nap, picked him up. Hurray! Happy baby! Oh no...he spewed. Hurray only onto his crib sheets, I'll change those later.

9:45 - Time to change the diaper. Oh no...super poop machine. Hurray! He didn't try to roll around and smear it on everything. Clean diaper ready, oh no...he's peeing everywhere. Hurray! It didn't get on his clothes or mine, I'll change the cover on the changing table later.

10:00 - I'm supposed to be at Mom's house picking her up right now...Hurray put on Aidan's coat! Now into the pack and play while I put on my coat. Oh no...he's pulled his hat and shoes off. Hurray! They're back on. Oh no...they're off again.

10:15 - At Mom's, everyone loading in the car...oh no...we have to stop and pick up bagels.

We actually made it to Annapolis about 11:15 so not late, just sort of fashionable. We all had a lovely time too. Aidan played really well with some of the older boys, and was only a little jealous while I held the new baby. Hurray!

Monday, December 08, 2008

Countdown: T-Minus...

16 Days until Christmas

  • Presents remaining to be bought: 8

  • Presents ready to be wrapped: 2

23 Days until New Year's

  • Preparation to be done: None! Woohoo!

31 Days until Scotland wedding/Ireland vacation

  • Bags to pack: 3

  • Car Seat to buy: 1

  • Skirt to have altered: 1

  • Baby boots to find/buy: 1 pair

  • Laundry to do: Squajilllions

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

12 Months Old, that's ONE YEAR people!

This past month with Aidan has been amazing, I can't get over how much he's grown. We have our last Waterbabies lesson this Saturday, he obviously can't swim just yet, but we've had a really good time.

Thinking back it's so hard to believe that one year ago today I had gone into labor, early of course, and that in just a little while I'd get to hold my son. Now I can barely hold on to him he's moving so fast! So looking forward to the next year together, I know it'll will be even better than this one has been!

Happy Birthday sweet boy!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Leaps and Bounds

It's seemed like over the last several months Aidan has picked things up with alarming speed, and always several things at once.

Take this morning, for example. Upon waking up, he decided to begin babbling incessantly, and then showed me his two new teeth, and how he could stand up on his own.

I felt as if any second he would turn to me and say "Oh, and by the way Mother, have I mentioned I picked up my doctorate in Astro-Physics?"

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


My Dad bought Aidan a new toy and we broke it out yesterday to everyone's delight. I brought it out again this morning and Aidan again loved playing with it. UNTIL, I broke out the camera. The minute I tried filming his interest disappeared. In between times he played with it happily.

Here's the video I wound up with. Enjoy!

Friday, November 14, 2008

3 Years Old

I was cleaning out some old receipts the other day and found some from Target from a few days after Stuart was born. Looking through the items we bought still made me catch my breath. Receiving blankets to use as sheets for his incubator, a larger blanket to cover it with to block out the light, milk storage bags since he was too tiny to nurse. The 45 days Stuart was with us were some of the best and distinctly the worst of my life. I wouldn't trade a single one of them.

Some days the fact that he's gone is completely unfathomable to me.

Happy Birthday little man.

Monday, November 03, 2008

11 Months Old

Only a few weeks left, and then I'll have a year-old toddler on my hands instead of an infant! Aidan's accomplished a lot this past month. First assisted steps, water babies, a few signs and almost words. Most notably he can sign 'light' and points to things he wants. He also says "Aaahhrooo" any time he sees Arrow. Actually anytime he sees a dog. The connection is definitely there.

Aidan's also moved almost entirely onto people food instead of baby food. Since he seems to have a distinct dairy allergy this has been a little challenging, especially since what he wants to eat is whatever is on my plate. I don't suppose cutting back on my dairy consumption would kill me, but to have a kid that can't eat mac and cheese?? It's been every dairy product we've tested too, yogurt, cheese, and we even put a little milk directly on his arm to see if he still developed the hives...yup, same effect. From what I've read most kids outgrow it by the time they're two. Here's hoping.

The next month and a half are going to be pretty swamped with Thanksgiving being at our house this year, then Aidan's first birthday, then Christmas, and New Year's...

Next thing you know it'll be Valentine's Day and I'll be coming to saying "What happened?"

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Kickin' Chicken
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We started Aidan in Waterbabies last week. Having been a swimmer most of my life I wanted to make sure Aidan learns how to swim and learns early. I truly hope he'll love the pool like me, but if nothing else he'll have a valuable skill and not fear the water.

The lesson went well. Aidan took to it much better than our previous experiences. The warmer water helped, I'm sure. In any case, we've got 5 more lessons to go.

And who knows, Aidan may just be the next Michael Phelps. But, Lord love him, I hope Aidan's turns out a little smarter...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Parenting while sick...blows chunks

So today has been a fun fun fun fun day. Aidan had a flu shot yesterday, which he handled incredibly well actually. But it made him a tad more fussy, hyper, goofy, whatever you want to call it today. All of which would have been perfectly fine, if I hadn't picked up a stomach ailment as well yesterday.

I was up at 2:30 AM last night visiting with the porcelain god, and was generally unwell and unable to sleep until Aidan woke up at 6:15. He then refused to take his morning nap, his afternoon nap lasted all of 20 minutes and by 3:30 I simply set him in the crib so that I could lay my head down for a minute. Thankfully he was so tired at that point that he passed out too and we both had 40 uninterrupted minutes of slumber.

I have an incredible amount of help, and I'm incredibly thankful. Andy called to check on me at lunchtime, and then came home early. And my folks came by for a little visit and occupied Aidan for a bit. My heart goes out to all the single parents who have to wrangle this sort of thing on their own. You are heroes.

And now that I've managed to keep down a few crackers, and Andy's put the baby to bed, I'm going to sleep.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Roughly one year ago...

Just sitting
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It's official. I don't remember what it's like to be that pregnant. I remember feeling large and vaguely being uncomfortable, but that's about it.

Time certainly flies!

Friday, October 10, 2008


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That's all I have to say about that.

Friday, October 03, 2008

10 Months Old today

Another month has snuck by on me. Lots has happened this month, Aidan's gone from champion crawler to champion climber and walking is probably not too far off. He's really gotten curious about the world around him and has started making connections to things. Specifically when the lights turn on and off and when the door opens someone exciting is coming in!

Yesterday was our anniversary and Aidan got to have his second overnight with Grammy and Granddad. Aside from some initial uneasiness about Mommy being gone he had a great time and slept through the night in a different crib like a dream! Soon I'm sure he's going to be asking to spend the night instead of looking for me to hurry back and get him.

The thing that has overwhelming struck me in the last few days is just how much I love this kid. I would do anything for him, take any pain, go anywhere...you get the idea. I've loved him since the day he was born, but the last few days it really seems to have struck just how deep that love goes. Maybe because I was in a mushy mood anyway.

In any case we're working on month 11 now, then Auntie Ellen's big 3-0 and soon after that 1 year old celebrations and Christmas! This may be the last breather I get before the new year.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Another Year

We've been married for 9 years today.

I'm not sure whether it's harder to believe that or that we've been a couple for 14 years.

Or maybe it's the fact that I've known you for 18 years.

It just keeps adding up.

Here's to a lifetime more. Happy Anniversary!

Monday, September 29, 2008


A good friend of mine passed away this morning, losing a long battle with cancer. She had seen me through good times and bad, and was a special tower of strength for me after losing Stuart three years ago. Any prayers that you could offer for her family to get them through today and the times ahead would really be appreciated.

We'll all miss you, Mo.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Day at the Yard

Today we took Aidan out to his first ballgame. It was a great time! It was Fan Appreciation weekend and all the grounds staff we're over the top friendly. They all loved Aidan and he made out like a bandit! Three baseball cards, a certificate commemorating his first ballgame, the Bird's autograph...and Grand-dad bought him his very first O's cap.

The O's lost, but we all had fun anyway. Next year, more games and hopefully they'll win a few too!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Food Fight

Andy: I could have one of those Digestives before you take them away.
Me: I'll bring you a brownie and I saved you the last of the chocolate ones. These are caramel.
A: So? I can still have one, right?
M: But, they're caramel.
A: I'm sorry, I didn't realize caramel was code for "these are entirely for me"

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Did someone say bike ride?

We're going on our first real family vacation soon and decided to do a little biking while we were at it. Possibly take the ferry to Cape May and bike around town, maybe just stick to the flatlands around Rehoboth, we'll see.

In any case, Aidan needed a trailer, and a helmet of his very own. Check out my little man all kitted out!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Apparently, I really should use more sunblock

A woman at the grocery store today saw the St. Mary's College shirt I was wearing and asked "Oh do you have a child that goes there?" I answered that, no I graduated from there and then chit-chatted about how nice a campus it is, how much her daughter, currently a sophomore, likes it there etc.

This conversation reminded me of a post I published not that long ago.

Except when I went back through my archives to find it to link, the date is from 6 years ago.

This sort of squelches the pithy post I was going to make about how young I look and how could I have looked like I barely graduated a year or two ago and now look like I'm old enough to have a college-aged child?


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

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9 Months - 3/4 of a year old!

This month has been packed full of goodness. Aidan's been crawling like a fiend, pulling up on anything stationary, and anything that wasn't! He has a few little "explorer boo-boos" on his head from all the non-stop investigation.

I can't get over how much personality Aidan has. This month has really shown that developing. He has things he distinctly likes and dislikes, which really shouldn't surprise me. His father has strong opinions on most things (Porter? NO! Not really you say!) and even though I tend to waffle a bit, once I've made my snap judgement there's no changing my mind. I forsee a bit of trouble in about 13 years, poor boy . . . poor us.

Those top teeth finally made an appearance . . . did they ever! We waited months and then, boom! The middle two came in a week apart from each other and a week and a half later the two on either side of those poked through the gums. That makes a grand total of six for now, nursing just got a whole lot more challenging, in case you were wondering.

Aidan's clocking in at a little over 21 lbs, 29 inches (yes, yes, I realize that's nearly half my height already, thanks) and the doctor thinks he's doing really well. Always reassuring to hear that from a man with three kids, and 5 grand-kids himself.

Most of all this month I think Aidan has become more company for me. He participates in our outings instead of being along for the ride. I'm overjoyed at the thought of all the things to come. Trips to the zoo, the aquarium, Auntie T's farm to see the goats and cats...it's gonna be such a blast.

We also start Water Babies class in about a month, more on that once we start. Our few small trips to the pool were good, but I'm really hoping he'll learn to love the water like me. Some of my best memories growing up were from going to the pool in the summer with my friends.

So, like I said big doings this month. I didn't even touch the fact that he's learned how to use his sippy cup and blow raspberries, just started waving bye-bye, and has started shifting from one hand-hold to another while standing! Whew!

Monday, August 25, 2008

You have, perhaps, already seen this work of genius by Joss Wheedon. Starring Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion. I mean come on Doogie Howser versus Malcom Reynolds, what could be more awesome? Oh wait, did I mention that they sing? It DOES get more awesome!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Me and a canon

Me and a canon
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Taken on my honeymoon, when I was apparently all of 8 years old.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Month 8 - Ladies and Gentlemen...we have mobility

Well, the biggest thing this month is the video below. It's so hard to believe it's already been this long and Aidan's so different from even a few days ago.

Still no top teeth yet, but they should break through any second now.

I've gotta run, someone's sneaking away from me!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

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Yesterday was a really special day for all of us, but especially nice because Junior performed Aidan's baptism.

Junior was the youth director when Andy was in Youth Group at the church, she married us, she led Stuart's funeral, and now she's baptized Aidan. We've come full circle with her at our side and couldn't think of a more perfect person.

Everyone went to Grandma's house afterwards for a cookout that turned out quite well in spite of the thunderstorms.

Family is the greatest, isn't it?

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Friday, July 11, 2008

You're older than you've ever been and now you're even older, and now you're even older, and now you're even older...

My birthday is fast approaching, something to look forward to. Presents, and special lunch, another memorable year behind me.

Actually I'm looking forward to this year, and being 32. When I was younger (young enough to still be playing with Barbies) I got it into my head that 32 was a glamorous age. All pretty actresses were 32, Barbie was 32, the cool older girl that lived up the street was 32 (poor thing was really 11), you get the idea. I'm not sure what spawned this idea, but for some reason it stuck and so I'm still thinking that being 32 is going to be awesome.

The thing that has really made me feel my "age" was not that I'm now Mom, or that my knees don't really like taking the stairs as much. No it was eating a bowl of Reese's Puffs. Yes, sugar cereal, but that's not the part that made me feel old. On the back of the box was a list of 18 things to do before you're 18. Number one "Ride the world's biggest rollercoaster. Dare to keep your eyes open and hands in the air for the whole ride." Fine fine.

Number 18 on the list? "Reach 18 years of age - yes!! Embrace old age."

Friday, July 04, 2008

7 Months Old! This one snuck up on me!

I've been so busy actually doing things with Aidan that I haven't written about him, so I didn't have most of the post ready to go this time. Once again it's hard to believe another month has passed and he's so different again. Aidan's big milestones this month?

He can sit up on his own
He's working on tooth number 3, an upper one. It seems to be giving him a lot more grief than the others.
He's started scootching backwards on his belly. Crawling is just seconds away apparently.

All in all a very good month. Aidan's really a happy baby and seems to adjust well to whatever we do. He's handled two trips to Baywood beautifully, loves to visit with everyone, and is generally a good kid. He doesn't seem to handle pain very well (i.e. the earlier colic and now the teething) but then again who really handles pain well?

We're off to another festivity today, my Dad's 60th! Yes he's a 4th of July baby, and has (had) red hair, let's all make a joke about him being a firecracker. He's never heard those before.

Happy 4th everyone!!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


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This video of Aidan made Flickr's top 500 most interesting yesterday!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Fun New Fact

Aidan is terrified of trash bags.

Yeah, I don't understand it either.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

As always, lolcats have managed to make me snort something out my nose.

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Prayers please

My good friend Mo has cancer. She's been battling it for a few years now, but the doctors have recently told her that nothing more can be done.

Mo and her family have stood by my side through some of my roughest times, and some of the best, and I love them dearly.

Even though you may not know her, any and all thoughts and prayers you could direct towards her would be really appreciated by me.

Thank you.

Monday, June 16, 2008

They come in 3s

This morning I called the vet and left word, Arrow is acting oddly.

Last night at some point there was a major water main break and we're now without water.

I don't know what the third thing is but I'm really hoping it can wait until Wednesday when Andy's back home again.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Dun Dun Duhhh

I'm off this weekend to my 10 year reunion...for college...How on earth did I get to be that old?

I'm very much looking forward to it though. St. Mary's is beautiful and I love getting down there to see it. I miss those sunsets!

There's going to be a homebrewing seminar with tasting, at 10:30 AM on Saturday. Ahhh! Good old St. Mary's. I wish I knew if anyone's kept up the "Easter Boh-nny" tradition? If it was closer to home I'd do it myself.

Most of my old friends won't be there unfortunately, but my best friend will be (Yay T!!!). And the two most important people in my life will be in the same car with me of course!

I really want to see Stuart's spot again, and show it to Aidan. It's always been such a nice spot for me and Andy and it's all the more meaningful now. It will be a good mix of happy and sad I think.

St. Mary's Afternoon
Originally uploaded by apg

Is it odd I've missed the place almost as much as the people who used to fill it?

More to come on Monday, and Happy Father's Day y'all!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

6 Months!!!

Aidan is half a year old today! It's so wonderful, I can barely stand it.

Yesterday, for the very first time he rolled from his back to his belly. The inspiration? Me laying on the floor saying "come get me." After he got it all figured out he just kept rolling back and forth, back and forth. And looking to me after every time, as if to say "Mommy, this is a fun new game! Why didn't you tell me before?"

We also tried our very first vegetable yesterday. Sweet peas. I'm not a fan of peas unless it's split pea soup, and really then you're just eating ham that the peas sort of walked by. Aidan seems to share my point of view.

More than anything I imagined being a mom is incredibly hard. It's so much harder than I thought it would be, on me, on our relationship, on our poor dog, and I knew it would be hard. On the job training is never easy.

But I can't imagine doing anything else. Aidan fills me with such joy every day. He's filled mine and Andy's life with love, and laughter and it's only going to get more and more rewarding. I know we're all going to make it through the rough places and come out on the other side loving each other all the more for it. That's the best part of my new job.

The perks rock.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Buy me some peanuts and CrackerJacks...

The ongoing saga of Arrow continues. Last week, the dog was acting sort of puny again so we went back to the vet. More x-rays were taken on Tuesday and Wednesday and it appears that he's eaten something else. The vets' best guess, a pacifier.

Now, here's the thing, I count the pacifiers. I have ever since the dog's surgery. Out of severe paranoia that he'll eat one. I don't think it's a pacifier, but regardless, there's something in there.

The vet and I had several discussions and decided the best course of action to prevent the dog from eating himself to death is Prozac. Yes, doggy Prozac. I now have a designer dog that requires mood-altering drugs. I wrestled with this decision for a long time. With the baby almost to the point of throwing things and Arrow's constant need for attention that has turned into self-destructive behavior it really seemed the best solution. I still don't like it, but I'm trying to do the best thing for everyone.

On to interesting twist number 3.

Two evenings ago between changing the baby, and feeding the baby, and getting ready for bed, I misplaced a pacifier. We tore the house apart. We looked everywhere. We questioned my sanity. I reiterated the fact that I count the pacifiers. I know for a fact that one of the Avent ones is missing. It's clear with a white handle that glows in the dark. It's one of 3 like that. It is simply gone. The only conclusion? That I left it somewhere the dog could reach and he ate it. I feel positively ill. How could I let this happen?

The next day I kept the dog glued to my side. I looked for signs of him acting sick. I looked for him sniffing out the hidden pacifier from under a chair that I missed. I looked for everything. No joy.

Today, similar day. Dog by my side. He seems fine, but still no sign of the missing sucky. I'm becoming more distraught thinking of the further damage to my dog's insides. I'm thinking of the amounts of money we'll need to continue to spend. I'm thinking that the vet will probably take my dog away from me, or that if we get through this I will have to give the dog away. I just can't keep my hands on all things baby and away from Arrow at all times and stay sane.

This evening Aidan and I had a night out with some of the family and left Andy and Arrow at home for a little guy time.

On the way to dinner I got a phone call. Expecting a question about where something was, or some sort of emergency I answered. Andy asked "Where did you get these special Doritos?" Huh? was the only thing I could think to say. "You know, these special Doritos with the prize inside?" Again I have no idea what he's talking about. "Didn't you buy the special bags? You know? Each one comes with a free pacifier."

Oh Thank God! The pacifier got lumped into the bag of Doritos we'd been snacking on. Somehow it got scooped up with the bag and rolled in. It's not in the dog's stomach, I'm not losing my mind. I might be able to keep my shit together after all.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Crazy? Well, maybe a little...

I've gotten used to carrying on a running conversation with no one to answer me. Which is fine when I'm at home with Aidan. When I ran out to the grocery store by myself on Sunday, not so much.

I was almost done with the shopping before I realized I was quietly commenting on every item I needed to purchase, how nicely the store renovations were going, and pondering whether to take a few extra minutes to swing by and pick up some beer.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy happy Aidan

Happy happy Aidan
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Best. Thing. Ever.

Monday, May 19, 2008

My Boys

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Being adorable in Grandpa's vegetable garden.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

They want how much?

I went out to BJs Wholesale today to pick up some essentials, i.e., diapers, wipes, paper towels, etc. As I was walking around checking things out and then later ringing up I could not believe how much everything cost. I bought mostly store brand, name brand when it was cheaper with a couple of indulgences (I didn't really need the chocolate chip cookies from the bakery, but they are soooo yummy) and it tallied up awfully quickly.

Now, some of these things we will use for months, the paper towels and toilet paper will go a long way, but it still keeps making me think of where things are headed. With the rising cost of gas and therefore everything else, not to mention the new sudden urge for all things organic I can see us all moving backward. Back to when everyone had a victory garden in their backyards, back when there were billboards that said things like "Is this trip really necessary?", back to WWII-type rationing.

In some ways this isn't a bad thing. Healthier home-grown food will certainly help stem the growing obesity problem in America; fewer trips to save gas will help the environment. I will however miss the wider varieties of food that are currently available in the local mega-mart. I can't see that being cost effective for too much longer. Bye-bye Chilean fruit available all year round!

I'm not sure where this will all end, if things will make a turn around and start going back to "the way they were" or if we will all move into a new and better direction.

All I can say is that if we go through the 80's again, I'm so not doing the mall bangs this time.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Weekend in Delaware

One shot from this weekend. More to come!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen!

We have a tooth! Not visible yet, but it can definitely be felt through the gums. Of course this explains the general fussiness and lack of naps over the past 2 days...

Picture coming as soon as it breaks through.
Adventures in travel

This weekend we'll be taking Aidan on his first away-from-home trip. Andy's grandmother has a house at Baywood and we're going for a few days. I'm a little nervous since we've never done that long of a drive with Aidan, but we're planning on coinciding departure time with bedtime so here's hoping he sleeps the whole way. Pictures will of course be on Flickr once we're back.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

5 Months Old

Today Aidan turns 5 months old, nearly half a year! He's changed so much, I can hardly believe it. I've started getting a lot of smiles and a lot more giggles. Right now, tickling really seems to distress him more than amuse him; he's sort of like his Daddy that way I guess.

We started cereal a few weeks ago and he took straight to it. We've worked our way through rice and barley. Oatmeal's next then any other types. After that comes fruit, bananas and apples first, then others. I've heard some bad things about the end results of bananas so the next few weeks will be an adventure.

Aidan's also started being able to entertain himself somewhat. I can put him in the highchair with some toys and actually almost cook dinner. He also doesn't need to be completely passed out before I put him in his crib. I'm looking into one of those exersaucers for him because he's fascinated with new sights and sounds.

Sitting up is still difficult, but I got him to tripod the other day so we're getting there! I'm also starting to show Aidan some of the baby signs when I talk to him, and he seems fascinated. From all our friends that have used the sign language techniques we've heard amazing things. Plus it's serving as a refresher course for those classes I took 13-14 years ago.

Aidan's been an absolute joy to be with lately, it's certainly made up for those long colicky first days. They were a joy of their own learning how to be a new mom, but it seems that each day just keeps getting better.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

For small yapper-type dogs

We're heading out on a date tonight to see Eddie Izzard on his Stripped comedy tour. I'm absolutely thrilled, it should be really, really, really funny.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Today was one of those days

One of those days when it is perfectly and wonderfully clear to me why I wanted to be a mom.

It is absolutely the best thing ever.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Our weekend with a star

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We spent a good chunk of this past weekend with soccer phenom Kenny Deuchar. His family's been a friend of Andy's for years, and when his team, Real Salt Lake, was in town playing DC United, we simply had to go. Friday Kenny came over to Andy folks's house for dinner. And Kenny's dad and a couple of friends came over from Scotland (Erin and Drew who were delightful to hang out with as well!) to see him play.

Kenny's really fun, and we had a lovely time chatting with him. Sorry to tell you though ladies, he's taken.

Originally uploaded by inning
Saturday, the whole crew of us went to RFK to see him play, and it was mine and Aidan's first professional soccer game. Aidan handled it incredibly well, and aside from a little startlement at the constant drumming, he managed to go to sleep at bedtime.

Originally uploaded by inning

Originally uploaded by inning
Kenny's 5th from the left in the line-up.

So if you're ever in Salt Lake, go to a soccer game and cheer on number 16, our bud Kenny!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Next dog? Totally buying the pet insurance

My beloved dog Arrow, he's a typical lab. He likes to chew, even at nearly 10 years old. He also likes to eat. Especially what he's already chewing.

Over the years he's managed to eat a number of things he shouldn't. Let's name a few of the more famous:

A pair of silver earrings
My asthma inhaler
My new skirt
Andy's sunglasses pouch
A paycheck
A mortgage statement

Not to mention the regular diet of:
Underwear, mine or Andy's, he's indiscriminate
Numerous shoes
Numerous socks
Numerous pieces of junk mail/catalogs
Numerous towels/washclothes
Any soft toy
Any rubber toy that isn't a Kong
Toilet paper on the roll, he'll eat it like corn on the cob
Garbage of any kind

You get the idea. Arrow's also very smart. He mentally catalogs items he knows he isn't supposed to have, he'll wait until you're not watching and then run back and get it. Simply see my story about the car seat.

So that's the background. Over the years we've had to take Arrow in for a few x-rays, but whatever's been in there has always managed to come out one end or the other.

On Sunday Arrow managed to grab a burpcloth and rip it up. On Monday he started to act sort of punk, and by punk I mean puking, and by Tuesday morning he wouldn't eat. And I mean wouldn't touch anything. He'd half-heartedly chew a Milkbone but wasn't gobbling it down like usual. I assumed part of the burpcloth was stuck. A call was made to the vet and in he went for x-rays.

Arrow's stomach was full of something, but the Barium they gave him was passing through so it wasn't a complete blockage. I was warned surgery may be necessary but I could take him home and watch him. $350 later that's what I did.

Tuesday night he ate part of his dinner. Wednesday he wouldn't touch anything. No breakfast, no dinner, barely ate a Milkbone.

Thursday morning I called the vet again. They said bring him back in, surgery was most definitely in the forecast.

A few x-rays later the vet called. "His is still full of something. I really need to get in there and get it out. The longer we wait the more likelihood of doing damage to his system."

Surgery it was. The vet promised to call after she was done to let me know how things went.

A few hours later the phone rings, it was the vet. "Hi, he went through surgery just fine, and is resting now. Listen, I don't know what you use for diapers, but this cloth seems almost industrial. Plus I took out a pretty large piece of plastic, I'm not sure where he got that."

Oh, but I knew. Arrow has a crate with a plastic floor and a dog bed. He decided to eat both of those things.

I pick him up from the vet's this evening. Nearly Two Grand later and my dog will be healthy again, but I'm guessing not any smarter for the experience.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Today marks the 6th anniversary of my blog. Hard to believe I've been writing about nothing for 6 years. Thanks to all of you who've been watching, and here's to another 6 more!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

25 Things I want to do

I was inspired by Mighty Girl's life list. I couldn't come up with 100 right away, so here's the first 25 in no particular order...

1. Become a licensed bartender
2. Become a licensed masseuse
3. Go para-sailing
4. Go to Hawaii
5. Learn how to ice a cake
6. Be an extra in a movie
7. Teach Aidan to swim
8. Host an annual girl's getaway with my friends
9. Plant a ton of bulbs so that in the early, gray days of spring I'll have some color
10. Donate a large amount of money to my Alma Mater and get my name on a brick
11. Donate a large amount of money to my Alma Mater and earmark it specifically for the swim team
12. Fill in Aidan's baby book
13. Swing on a trapeze
14. Go Zorbing in New Zealand
15. Read more classic literature
16. Frame and hang the art that's sitting in our closet
17. Clean out the storage room and donate all unnecessary stuff to charity
18. Go snowboarding
19. Take Aidan to the petting zoo
20. Do something wonderfully fantastic for my sister's 30th birthday
21. Fit into a bikini again
22. Get back to the gym regularly
23. Go to my college reunion
24. Clean up the backyard from it's current horrific state
25. Take Aidan to Scotland and search for the buried treasure his Dad left there

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Month 4

Aidan turns 4 months old today! He's started grabbing at his toys, not just batting at them. We also occasionally get a little giggle. He's also started doing this funny frantic move when he's on the changing table. I call it the "Kickin' Chicken." He'll pump his legs and arms back and forth like he's running, with his eyes WIDE open, and sometimes with a little squeak of exuberance. It is, without a doubt, the funniest thing ever.

We went to the doctor on Tuesday and everything was good. Aidan's up to nearly 13 lbs, and 25 inches long. We're still another month or two away from solid food, the doc said there was no rush. If he starts seeming ravenous then we could start some rice cereal, but otherwise we're sticking to breastmilk.

Aidan also seems to desperately HATE tummy time, so I've been working on putting toys in front of him, talking to him, putting him on my belly, anything at all to get him to like it more. What I've discovered is we can only tolerate about 5 minutes at a time, in his crib.

So, for your viewing pleasure, I present Aidan and the Funny Birds.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It's Springtime in DC

How to tell it's Spring in our Nation's capital:

1. The Cherry Blossoms are blooming and you can't find a seat on the Metro for love nor money
2. The Nats are playing, see above about Metro seats
3. The air quality has plummeted, hello pollen
4. Summer clothes are for sale in all the stores
5. You can buy both charcoal for grilling and a new snow shovel in the grocery stores

Sunday, March 30, 2008


Well, I did it. Friday was my last day at work. I went back to my office for two weeks to help clean up anything that wasn't already handed off from my maternity leave. I'm not sure I managed to do anything particularly helpful, but I did at least get some filing done.

Having kids and being able to stay at home with them has always been a kind of pipe dream for me, and now, unbelievably, I get to do exactly that. Not that I won't miss the friends I made at the office, but I would miss Aidan even more. I told them all, I'm so sorry but there's just no comparison.

It will feel a little odd tomorrow not getting up to go to work, but after 10 years of doing something that was never really a passion for me, I think I'll get over it.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Traditions

Maryland may technically be south of the Mason-Dixon line, but we certainly aren't a "southern" state. For example, you can only get Pecan Nougat eggs/logs at Easter here. Further south you can find them throughout the year. How do I know? My family's from Tennessee. I've made a few road trips through the land of Dixie.

Since they're a rarity here at home, when the pecan eggs make their appearance at Easter-time I always buy two large ones. Ostensibly (Yes, I used a big word. I'm a reader, get over it), one for Andy and one for me. It's become an Easter tradition.

Last night I caved in to my other annual Easter tradition, asking Andy if he minds if I eat his pecan egg.

I don't think that even once, during the 5 years we dated and the 9 years we've been married, has he ever actually been allowed to eat his Easter pecan egg.

Sorry honey.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

C is for Cookie

These cookies should always be in my pantry. They should in fact exist in a bottomless package and never ever run out.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Some days it feels like I'm playing Concentration. You know the game where you have to fit all the little pieces in the board before the timer runs out? And if you don't all the pieces pop out and fly everywhere and you have to start all over again.

It starts if I can get Aidan down for a nap. He's not really a good napper, and until very recently, wouldn't fall asleep or stay asleep during the day anywhere but in my arms. Even then we'd get about 15 solid minutes. Thankfully, that habit has been broken and I can put him down in the crib. But it's still anyone's guess as to whether he'll sleep for 15 minutes or 2 hours.

So I set him down...tick tick tick tick...can I shower, brush my teeth, get the laundry started, the dishes, done, feed the dog and let him out, vacuum, start dinner, and maybe, just maybe go pee????

BUZZZZZZZZ, time's up!!! We're sorry, you only succeeded in getting halfway through that shower, and now your baby is crying!


Originally uploaded by lglendinning
Slightly blurry, and reverse from being taken in a mirror...but check out my new do!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


On Monday during a diaper change I noticed that something was a little different about Aidan. Being alarmed I called the doctor and took him straight in.

My doc checked him out and said, "He has a hydrocele (No, I'm not explaining, look it up. My poor boy has to grow up and possibly read this some day. Bad enough I've posted about it at all!) and probably a hernia. You need to get him to see a pediatric surgeon tomorrow and work out a plan of attack. In the meantime keep an eye on things and if it turns red, or bluish or he seems to be in pain don't call us just take him straight to the emergency room." Scary enough as is right? Now let's add in the fact that Andy is out of town.

So I spent all morning yesterday playing ring around the rosey with 4 different doctor's offices and finally succeeded in getting an appointment for this afternoon.

The great news is that it is just a hydrocele, which will most likely clear up on it's own and if it doesn't they can do a very minor procedure to correct it when he's 18 months old. If it had been a hernia he would have required surgery and probably pretty quickly, so thank God it was all ok.

Ellen's been staying with me while Andy was away so at least I didn't have to be alone at night. Andy's mom went with me to the appointment and the whole family, both sides, has been sitting at the ready for any eventuality. And Auntie T was ready to hop in at any second too! It's good to be loved I think. Aidan has no idea yet just how lucky he is to have so much wonderful family!

Talk about a fun couple of nights though. Especially when he fussed at all overnight I jumped up to check and make sure everything was ok, which meant turning on the light. Which meant he woke up entirely and we all had to be soothed back to sleep.

Andy gets home in a few hours. I was going to be happy to see him to begin with, I think now I'll absolutely knock him down with happiness.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Awww...poop - Month 3

Aidan turned three months old this week. It's so hard to believe he's been here 3 months already. Some days it feels like he's always been part of my life, and others it comes as a shock that it's been 3 months already.

Aidan's developed a new habit of pooping in the tub while I give him a bath. It's happened twice already this week, I have to say it's not particularly my favorite. Although the spit-up still wins the award for my least favorite thing to deal with. So given this new habit I thought I'd be smart today and wait until after he pooped to give him a bath. Smart, right? SMRT.

So you know what's coming, don't you? He pooped in the tub. Not once, not even twice, but 4 separate times. Each time I'd get the poop cleaned up and think, ok now, surely we're done, let's be clean, he'd go again. It was almost funny. Well, it'll be funny tomorrow anyway.

It hasn't all been poop, Aidan's been smiling and cooing at us, and he's very close to laughing. That's the best feeling in the world, when I go to pick him up and he gives me that huge gummy grin. Everything about him gets better and better every day, and the first day he got here was a mighty fine day. I can't imagine life without him.

I've also been having a harder time dealing with the loss of Stuart this month. I keep wondering if Stuart would've slept through the night so quickly? Would he have been as colicky? Would he like to nap, unlike his brother? What would his cries, and coos and gurgles have sounded like? Mostly I wonder what he would have been like as a big brother. I can only guess he would have been as calm and gentle as he was when he was here, but surely with me and Andy as his parents he would caused some sort of trouble.

I won't get to find out, but I can thank God every day for Aidan being here. So I think that's what I'll do. Poop and all.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Chicco is the best company EVER

My precious, precious dog decided that the best thing in all of the house to chew would be the shoulder strap on Aidan's car seat.

Arrow must've been at it all night, because he got almost all the way through.

The very fine people at Chicco were incredibly nice, Melody is my new best friend. They couldn't send me a new strap and let me replace it sight unseen, unfortunately. But, since their office is in Lancaster and that's where my parents live, they were willing to let my Dad bring the car seat to their offices and supervise/direct the replacement of it.

...but not today
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Melody did a fantastic job, I think she could tell how anxious I was to be without a car seat. She called me back to let me know what could be done. She called this morning to work out what we could do about the potential weather problems tomorrow since that's when my Dad was going to stop in. When we rescheduled for today instead, she walked my Dad step by step through replacing the strap. Melody called after Dad left to let me know he had come by and everything was fixed, he had showed her a picture of Aidan and he was cute, etc.

All in all a pretty painless replacement, and I was treated with kindness and respect the entire time. So, now I'm telling everyone, Chicco is the best, buy all their baby products!!!

The Culprit
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Monday, February 04, 2008

Month 2

So I haven't written anything Aidan related in a while and I feel like a bit of a bad mom! But, he's usually so awake or fussy during the day, if I have any time free it's spent on catching up around the house.

He had his longest stretch of sleeping through the night ever last night, from 11 PM in his crib (from 10 - 11 he was with me in the rocking chair. I'm not entirely sure when he went to sleep, but 11 is when Andy woke me up and put him in bed), until 4:45 AM! HURRAY for sleep! Then after his breakfast, he went back to sleep without a fight and slept for another 2.5 hours! I'll pay for this later today I'm sure, but for now I'm ready to go!

We have his next doctor's appointment next week, and I'm sort of dreading it. This is the one with several vaccinations. It's not the crying during, it's the crankiness/potential fever afterwards that concerns me. Here's hoping he handles them well.

Aidan's also starting smiling and reacting to us, which has been the most rewarding thing so far. He can follow movement back and forth and LOVES high contrast. All of which are very normal and boring things I'm sure, but it's my baby and it's new to me, ok?

Other than that he's growing like a weed, and I think he's going to be tall, considering how long he is. Day-to-day, we do much the same. Today is supposed to be nice and warm though, so we'll probably take a walk.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Almost as good...

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

This makes me laugh, almost as hard as this.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Oh dear, I'm old

Andy's baby brother got married this past Saturday. When Andy and I first started dating, Penn had just turned 8 and was thrilled with his new hampsters (okay, sorry!! It's hamsters. No 'p'). I also remember when I had to bend down to hug HIM and not the other way around.

Ah well, such is life, and I couldn't ask for a better new sister (love ya Grace!).

Aren't they just gorgeous?

First dance
Originally uploaded by apg

Fancy that

Me and Aidan all cleaned up for the wedding. Look quick! We're not both covered in spit-up!

Friday, January 11, 2008

WHY was I not informed?

Babies spit up. OH do they spit up. And that spit up? It's not normal. It is an alien substance. It doesn't come out and stick to the burb cloth like a normal liquid. It runs straight off onto something inconvenient. And then it gets COLD.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Diet

In the fine tradition of the new year I've started a new diet. It's the "I have a new baby that won't let me put him down so anything I eat must be able to be prepared and eaten one-handed" diet.

We're working on a catchier name.

Monday, January 07, 2008

A pump named slingback

Ok, I'm not a schill, but Amazon's answer to Zappos seems pretty cool. Free overnight shipping, free RETURN shipping, and returns up to one year later. Considering how picky I am about shoes...T you know about the navy pumps...this site seems awesome to me.

Check all the lovely shoes at endless.com