Friday, July 27, 2007

Overheard at the Orioles game

We went to Tuesday's game this week at which there was a ceremony for Cal Ripken in honor of his upcoming induction to the Hall of Fame. In line behind Andy were two people who were clearly not locals.

Couple from out of town: Wow there's a lot of people here tonight. Is it always like this?
Local cop patrolling: Well, not always. Tonight's a little special.
Couple: Oh, it's for that Cal Ripken. You think it's crowded tonight because of him?
Local cop: Well, it sure as hell ain't for the Devil Rays.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

And the florescent lights took on an angelic hue and a choir of voices began to sing...

We went to the grocery store yesterday on the way home from the movies. Ostensibly, (oh yes I DID just use that SAT word!) to pick up something for dinner. But something always happens when Andy and I grocery shop together. Usually a lot of silliness and me pretending not to know him.

We took a turn down the organic food aisle, him joking about getting the system cleaned out, me pretending to be offended but really enjoying every joke...when we saw it...

A small shelf full of imported foods. Not any imported foods, mind you, but foods imported from the UK, Ireland, and Australia!

Bounty bars! Violet Crumble! Ploughman's pickle relish! HP BROWN SAUCE! Club Lemon and Club Orange! Marmite! (EWW! That could have stayed overseas!) McAvitie's Hob Nobs! Fine cut marmalade, made with sugar and fruit, and NOT high fructose effing corn syrup!!!!!

We gazed in wonder at the miracle before us. Someone had obviously made a recent trip overseas and decided they liked it. We agreed with them.

These were the real deal too, not made-in-Canada-for-dumb-Americans-junk (like Cadbury so often does. WOE to Americans eating Cadbury that tastes like brown wax and not like the good stuff they sell everywhere else in the world). These products had American labels pasted over the British ones so you couldn't read the price in pounds sterling anymore. Perhaps so you wouldn't realize how much more you were paying for the product.

We managed to drag ourselves away with only a bottle of brown sauce for us and two Violet Crumble bars for my dad. We really wanted some Club Orange but it was $2.29/bottle and we're aren't talking a two liter here, we're talking 20 oz.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed the little section will expand to eventually, maybe, another shelf. Get some of the great flavors of Nesquik that the Aussies love, like Caramel or Banana. Some of the European Fanta. Or maybe even... some Cadbury Crunchie bars.