Monday, September 27, 2004

I never thought I could talk so well to someone who doesn't speak my language

Arrow and I have a system. He'll whine and lick my face if he wants to get up before I do (i.e. before the alarm goes off). If I don't want to get up I'll tell him "shhh" while scratching his ears.

Most of the time though I don't have to do even that. He'll whimper a little and I'll sort of sleepily pet the air around where I think he is. Usually that'll buy me another 10-15 minutes.

Sort of a biological snooze button.
Hairy, greasy, fat-man tea

I'm taking another trip. To Ireland this time. I know I know, "Another trip Laura? Do you ever stay home?"

Andy's away on business. Away in Dublin no less. He went about 4 years ago for business and I didn't get to go. Damned if I was staying home this time. So I'm off on a long weekend, just in time for our 5th anniversary. Everyone say "AWWWWW!"

So, when we were in Melbourne a few months back the hotel where we stayed had a Jacuzzi. We went down to check things out before deciding to actually don the bathing suits. When we got there, there was a large man in the tub. I don't mean slightly overweight, I mean large as in filling most of the jacuzzi tub. He was hairy. All over hairy. And he was having a ball in the tub. Splashing around and scrubbing at his chest and back. The water was hot so his face was sweating (I know it was sweat and not water because his hair, on his head, was completely dry). We chatted with him briefly, he was incredibly friendly, and said the tub was terrific!

We just couldn't bring ourselves to go in later that evening, I didn't care how often they cleaned the tub.

So the hotel in Dublin also lists a jacuzzi as a feature. I've asked Andy to go scope it out for me.

I'll let you all know.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Double-Edged Sword

I've been flipping through some of my favorite blogs and moaning that people haven't posted anything for my amuzement lately. Then I looked at my own blog and notice the last post was over a week ago. Hmmmm....I suppose people in glass houses and all that...