Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Ok, see I've been telling people I haven't had any bizarre cravings. Which is strictly true. But if I've decided I want something to eat, I must have this thing to eat. The world will soon come to an end if I cannot have this one thing. The thing is never bizarre in and of itself, but I must have it.

I didn't quite realize how strong of an urge this was until Andy discovered my stash of turkey in the fridge.

I'd been wanting a turkey sandwich. So when I went to the grocery store last time I picked up some turkey. Two packs of turkey. One deli sliced, and one of turkey breast sliced into strips.

Oh and I picked up some ham too. I bought it because it was on sale. But quite possibly, as Andy suggests, it was to cover up the fact that I bought so much turkey.

And some cranberry sauce to go with the turkey.

And some cranberry gingerale.

BUT, I didn't buy any stuffing! Aren't you all proud of me?

Hmmm stuffing....that sounds awfully good....

Monday, August 20, 2007

This makes me laugh. EVERY time.


Sunday, August 12, 2007

My node is stubbed up

Can I just say that of all things that have to be sacrificed during pregnancy, cold medicine is by far the hardest to give up. No alcohol, ok, fine. I don't drink much of anything anyway. No unpasteurized cheese, well, that brie will still be waiting for me in a few months. A little harder is eating meat cooked medium when I prefer it close to bloody (sorry T, I'll never be a convert). But, having a miserable head cold and not being able to take the medicine that would offer a bit of comfort is by far the worst.

I know there are medicines that I can take, but they're the kind that never give me any relief even when I'm not 5 months pregnant. So if they don't work normally, why add the extra chemicals to my body now when I'm being so careful about everything else?

So if you happen to run in to me, I apologize. If the hormones weren't enough to make anyone cranky, that combined with the cold...well, maybe I should stay out of the public domain for the next day or so anyway.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

My child, the exhibitionist

I had my third sonogram this morning. I will actually wind up having 4-5 more before this baby is born. Have I mentioned they're being extra special careful with me this time? Nothing like good pre-natal care folks!

During both the previous scans, the baby was too small to have made any sort of guess at gender so there was no chance of finding out what we were having. We both prefer it this way. You don't get too many surprises in life like finding out what your child is while it's being handed to you. So we had no intention of finding out this time.

Now, given our situation and that we were going to wind up having so many pictures of this little one before it's even born, I thought we might find out somewhere along the line by accident.

This morning started out very well, the tech promised to keep the secret for us and did a fantastic job of getting all the right measurements while managing to avoid the baby's nether regions. Almost the entire time she scanned, our little one kept both hands over it's face almost as if we were paparazzi desperately trying snap Brittney doing something else foolish. "No pictures please!"

The doctor came in shortly after the tech finished up and was scanning here, there, everywhere to make sure everything looked good to him. As this was happening I got a smack on my elbow from Andy.

Sure enough, clear as day, no denying anything, the baby was laying pretty much spread-eagle in front of us. Both hands still covering HIS face.