Thursday, February 21, 2008

Chicco is the best company EVER

My precious, precious dog decided that the best thing in all of the house to chew would be the shoulder strap on Aidan's car seat.

Arrow must've been at it all night, because he got almost all the way through.

The very fine people at Chicco were incredibly nice, Melody is my new best friend. They couldn't send me a new strap and let me replace it sight unseen, unfortunately. But, since their office is in Lancaster and that's where my parents live, they were willing to let my Dad bring the car seat to their offices and supervise/direct the replacement of it.

...but not today
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Melody did a fantastic job, I think she could tell how anxious I was to be without a car seat. She called me back to let me know what could be done. She called this morning to work out what we could do about the potential weather problems tomorrow since that's when my Dad was going to stop in. When we rescheduled for today instead, she walked my Dad step by step through replacing the strap. Melody called after Dad left to let me know he had come by and everything was fixed, he had showed her a picture of Aidan and he was cute, etc.

All in all a pretty painless replacement, and I was treated with kindness and respect the entire time. So, now I'm telling everyone, Chicco is the best, buy all their baby products!!!

The Culprit
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Monday, February 04, 2008

Month 2

So I haven't written anything Aidan related in a while and I feel like a bit of a bad mom! But, he's usually so awake or fussy during the day, if I have any time free it's spent on catching up around the house.

He had his longest stretch of sleeping through the night ever last night, from 11 PM in his crib (from 10 - 11 he was with me in the rocking chair. I'm not entirely sure when he went to sleep, but 11 is when Andy woke me up and put him in bed), until 4:45 AM! HURRAY for sleep! Then after his breakfast, he went back to sleep without a fight and slept for another 2.5 hours! I'll pay for this later today I'm sure, but for now I'm ready to go!

We have his next doctor's appointment next week, and I'm sort of dreading it. This is the one with several vaccinations. It's not the crying during, it's the crankiness/potential fever afterwards that concerns me. Here's hoping he handles them well.

Aidan's also starting smiling and reacting to us, which has been the most rewarding thing so far. He can follow movement back and forth and LOVES high contrast. All of which are very normal and boring things I'm sure, but it's my baby and it's new to me, ok?

Other than that he's growing like a weed, and I think he's going to be tall, considering how long he is. Day-to-day, we do much the same. Today is supposed to be nice and warm though, so we'll probably take a walk.