Monday, December 31, 2007


A lot has been going on here and I haven't had the time to post any of it. Ok, strike that, I've had the time, but sleep seemed such a better use of it. So here it is in bits and pieces.

Aidan is 4 weeks old today! So hard to believe he's been here a month already. Also hard to believe that he was only supposed to be getting here a few days ago. I'm so glad he's here already, and so glad I didn't have to go through Christmas incredibly pregnant and still on that stupid diabetic diet!

Aidan's doing well, gaining weight, despite being the world's greatest spit-up champion. We'll be going back for a check-up next week, so more details on how the jaundice is going then. He's still not sleeping for any longer than 3 hours at a time, and night still seems to equal day. Oh well, we'll get there.

I went to a Bridal shower for Grace, Penn's fiance. Because she lives in CT, Mom suggested having a card party. i.e. giving her gift cards. Because I'm going to be her sister-in-law, and even though it wasn't on the suggestion list, I gave her a Victoria's Secret gift card. I wasn't the only one though who is determined to keep alive the spirit of a bridal shower. One of Dad's co-workers (and Penn's boss from this summer!) actually gave Grace a piece of lingerie. Go Priscilla!!

This past Saturday was also 2 years since we lost Stuart. I thought about him several times that morning, but had actually forgotten that it was the day. It seems so odd not to have remembered, but good in a way. I can think about him with happy thoughts now, that are only slightly sad. The saddest thing for me is that he's not here to play with his little brother. Some day though we'll all be together again.

That's the latest from me. Anything else new and exciting I'll post as it happens. Otherwise you can assume I'm changing diapers, wiping up spit-up, doing masses of baby laundry, bouncing a baby, or even very rarely, sleeping.

Friday, December 14, 2007


So I knew breastfeeding burned a lot of calories, but I didn't realize quite how many.

I weighed less this morning than I did before I got pregnant. In fact I weighed less this morning than I have in over 2 years.

I could really begin to like this!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Aidan Emery Glendinning

Well, I've been meaning to post something for a few days now. Andy's already posted the most relevant info on his site, but I wanted to write a little blurb as well.

Aidan decided to join us early, on Monday the 3rd. Not just early for his scheduled due date of the 26th, but a full two weeks early for his scheduled c-section on the 17th.

When I woke up on the 2nd I felt a bit odd, but wrote it off to all the housework I'd done the day before. That night I woke up from a sound sleep to go to the bathroom (no surprise there), and my water broke.

Since I didn't go through labor with Stuart, this was all a bit new and shocking. Andy and I got to the hospital about 20 minutes later at which point, contractions started.

Now, we're doing the fun stuff!

Turns out there was a premature set of twins being delivered at that point, so they decided to let me labor and if he came on out "licktey-split" then I would be having my baby naturally.

After about an hour, they checked me out again, and although he was anxious, he apparently wasn't so anxious that we could skip the c-section.

They had me walk down the hall to the operating room (yeah that was fun with the contractions) and got everything all set up. The spinal was unpleasant but the warm numbness and sudden lack of contraction pain was certainly welcome.

All went as expected and at 2:39 AM, Aidan joined our family.

He was born at 36 weeks and 4 days, just 3 days short of being considered full term. Not too shabby!

We finally got to leave the hospital Friday morning, and since then we've all been learning each others schedules. He's a little jaundiced (but, not some much so that we need to do the photo-therapy) which is why we didn't leave the hospital until Friday. Normally we would have been sent on home on Thursday morning.
He had his first doctor's appointment this morning and has managed to gain 5 oz back that he'd lost since being born. He's gained these 5 oz since Friday morning, so apparently I'm not too shabby at the breast-feeding thing.

I have to say that having him here with us has been the most wonderful thing ever to happen to me, and although sleep seems to come in short supply I couldn't care less.

Here's to a wonderful Christmas ahead for our family, and I hope each and every one of you has as happy a holiday season as we're already having!

Who says opening your presents early take away the fun?

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