Monday, July 26, 2004

I've put my foot in it
Quite literally. We painted the basement stairs this weekend and I had moved the paint pan to a new location. I turned around to talk to Andy and stepped, full-foot into the paint. Then desparately trying to get away from the sticky mess I staggered forward and put a hand onto the wall. The wall I had just painted.

If they ever need extras to take pratfalls in movies, you know where to find me.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Haven't been around much...
Sorry I haven't been posting much lately, we had a bit of an emergency a little while back and it's been eating up most of my spare time.

My grandmother went in to the hospital last week and wound up having an emergency triple bypass. She's doing better now for all concerned. We've moved her to a rehab facility close to her house and close to my office so that visits after work are now a lot easier for me and my sister.

I do want send a huge thank you to all the dedicated staff at both Laurel Regional Hospital and Washington Adventist Hospital. She couldn't have made it without your care, and frankly neither could I.

Once we get her back home again hopefully I'll have more time for little things, like blogging. A lot of people have been asking "What can I do to help?" The only answer I've been able to give is that thoughts and prayers are always welcome. Thanks for the offers folks, we'll get through.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

At the mall

As I walked in I was passing the "teenage" section of Nordstroms. A mother and her ~4 year old daughter were walking through looking bewildered. The mother leaned down to the little girl and said "These are big people clothes aren't they?" The little girl nodded vigorously. "Why don't we go to the kid's section and find you something nice."

Funny, I was thinking I was walking through the kid's section and needed to find myself some big people clothes. I guess I'm getting old.

Later that same day

Sitting and eating my lunch a woman across from me gets a phone call. She begins talking, realizes the reception is bad and paces slowly around her table. Not wanting to leave the table to go outside because the cafe is jammed, and she's alone so she can't leave her food to hold the table because it'll be cleared away by the time she gets back. I should have been nice and told her I'd make sure they don't take the food away ... but I didn't. So I was treated in a minute to the most unusual cell phone positioning I've ever seen. The woman squatted over her chair, never quite touching it, while bent forward in half, hair hanging down and touching the floor, one finger in one ear, cell phone glued to the other, while she spoke loudly and frantically about the deal that was she was supposed to be closing, had she decided to go in to work that day.