Wednesday, March 26, 2003

No more noise!!


dee dee dee dee dee DEE dee...dee dee dee dee dee DEE dee...dee dee dee dee dee DEE dee


All at once as a regular phone, pager, and cell phone rang.


Monday, March 24, 2003

A new pet

Well, not really. We spent half of this weekend dealing with our ornamental grass. I don't care what you hear from anyone, ornamental grass is a lot of work. So Sunday was chopping day. After the Pampas grass came down, we sat down to rest for a minute. I happened to look over to see a tiny tiny tiny little gray bit of fluff. Baby mouse. It scuttled under a plant and a minute later along came mom. Poor mom scurried back and forth from her old home under our Pampas grass to the new home under the dog's favorite bathroom bush. Each trip back another baby followed her. Eventually they were settled, and now the dog has to be taken out front to take care of business. It's bad enough I've robbed them of one home without polluting their new one.
We have chickens here?

Busy executive1: Well, thanks for coming by to meet with me today.
Busy executive 2: Oh certainly. It's always a pleasure.
Busy executive1: Let me walk you back down to the security desk.
Busy executive 2: No need! We have free range.

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

There's a Waldo

Don't ask me. That's just what came out of Andy's mouth this morning while he was sleeping. A lot better than yesterday's "skin skin skin skin" though. Maybe my dreams about Little Kitty Face aren't that bad after all.

Tuesday, March 11, 2003


It's snowing. It won't stick. It's too warm. But still...

Friday, March 07, 2003

Birds R Us

Apparently birds like us.

In college we found a hurt dove by the side of the road, and between us, a few trips to the vet, and some very interesting manuevers to get antibiotics in it's little beak, we got it healthy and in flying condition again.

For a couple of years we had baby birds in our garage. They had migrated down from our attic where the nest was, and hopped/flew madly around our little garage until we convinced them outside was a much better place to be.

This morning however has to be the most bizarre bird incident ever (well, barring the hawk's head on the deck which I won't go into now). I let the dog out this morning and heard scurrying in our AC fan. Thinking a mouse had decided our fan would make a wonderful winter home, I peaked in. Imagine my surprise when a little bird flapped up and clung to the bars covering the top of the fan. I looked all over the fan unit. There were no holes. How in the hell the bird got in there in the first place I've yet to figure out. But it remained he was stuck, and with no hole to lure him out of we had to do something to get him out.

I ran upstairs and woke Andy up. Of course, waking up, trying to comprehend what seems an impossibility is not a fun way to start your day. See our woodpecker story for more details. But up he got and we unscrewed the lid and let the little beast out. I should mention it was 20 degrees this morning. I should also mention this was at 6:15 AM.

But the little angel's lose and safe. That's the important thing.

Thursday, March 06, 2003

Teehee, you said fart!

I'm not sure how the subject came up exactly last night. But Andy asked if anyone had ever farted in my Pilates class. Well of course they have. You start twisting in strange positions early in the morning just a little after breakfast and something's going to happen.

Apparently, this is the funniest thing in the world. I guess you just have to be a boy to appreciate it.

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

He has an honest face

My boy seems to be one those people that other people trust. Can't say that I question them on their judgement of him, it just leads to some unusual situations.

For example you ask? We have yet to make a trip to Best Buy without someone asking his opinion on this or that DVD player, this or that software, this or that movie... you get the idea. Same thing happens at Home Depot. "What kind of screws would you use to hang up something big?"

Funnily enough the concert the other night was no exception. We were sitting up on the balcony waiting for the show to start. A man in his early 40's turns to Andy and asks if we've seen TMBG before. Or something to that effect. Bits of conversation flew back and forth the rest of the night. We found out he was a fan, but he was there because his 14 year old son and friends wanted to go to the concert. We found out he lived in VA. We found all sorts of interesting tidbits. Never so much that it was distracting from the show, or to make you think "WHY won't this lunatic leave us alone?" It was very pleasant.

However, I'm still trying to decide which is the most unusual. That random people like talking to my husband, or that I'm no longer surprised by it.

Monday, March 03, 2003

So long

I helped Andy pack up his office this weekend. Well, the stuff he hadn't already brought home. Walking around the hallways, seeing things so empty, and seeing his office cleaned out was one of the most depressing things I've ever seen.

Six years...gone.
More TMBG!

Andy's birthday was Saturday, the old fart! And part of his present was tickets to TMBG Saturday night. Woohoo!!! The last time we went to see them their opening act was a band called "Sapphire Bullets." Which actually turned out to be them, and they played all their old stuff. We wound up getting almost 4 hours worth of Giants on the stage.

This time the opening band was "Moldy Peaches" and all I can say is that you are ever anywhere that they are performing RUN! RUN AWAY! We had better stuff at Javahouse, our weekly open mic night at school. She only sang 4 songs. That was plenty.

Then the real show started. It was awesome as always. Got to hear some old favorites, and some new ones. A most excellent present if I do say so myself!