Friday, April 03, 2009

Month 16

This month Aidan's language skills have exploded. He's definitely in the mimicking stage. All of a sudden he can both say and sign 'more' as well as banana, apple, please, milk, down, and others that I'm sure I'm forgetting right now. He's started saying mama, dada, hi, car, toast, up, and just about anything else that I spend just a few minutes coaching him on. He'll shake hands with you, blow you a kiss, likes to bounce on the beds, and in general has become a TODDLER. How did this happen?

Everything is suddenly fair game, and a whole new set of limits has to be created. It's not okay for him to play with the door on the vcr anymore, because he knows now that it has an 'in' and things can go in that 'in.' Aidan's discovered under as well, and lots of toys wind up under the coach, or the runner in the hall, or some mysterious hidey-hole he has in the basement which I have yet to be able to find. I looked for a wooden block for three days, he toddled over to a corner somewhere and magically produced it last night, and I was all "KID, where did you get that from??"

This has to have been the most fun month so far, and the most tiring, and challenging. And just when things hit a stride, suddenly he's going to learn that there's an out instead of in and shouldn't we all be out? No, mama not in. OUT. And toys don't go under mama, they go on top.

See you all in another month!