Wednesday, March 24, 2004

It's not easy bein' fluffy

Also at the mall, I witnessed a pep talk being given to the sales team at Build-a-Bear.

Apparently it's hard to be cheerful when you sell teddy bears for a living.
Why am I being penalized????

I went to the mall this evening to pick up a pair of jeans. I headed to my favorite place to get jeans, Eddie Bauer, and started looking through the racks. They're currently having a sale on jeans, buy one pair, get one 50% off. Even better, now I'm excited. I tried on several pairs and found the style I liked. They only came in "stretch" but that's ok, they're for our upcoming vacation, more room for indulgences.

Problem Number one. The "regulars" I tried on were 4 inches too long. With my shoes on. I know I'm not tall at 5' 1", so I came out and asked the clerk if there were any petites.

Problem Number two. "The petites are only available through our catalog."

If had wanted to order clothes from a catalog I would have done and not bothered coming to the mall in the first place. Second sentence out of the sales girl's mouth: "If you place a phone order here in our store they won't charge for shipping. You only have to pay a flat $3 handling fee."

Now, I'm not cheap, I realize $3 is minimal but this hit at just the wrong point today. WHY must I be forced to order clothing through a catalog and pay any additional money simply because the store does not wish to stock several cuts of the same style?

Why do I have to pay more simply because I'm not 6' 3" tall??

I'm not even going to go into the conversation I had with the salesgirl who then tried to talk me into a different style, of which they ALSO did not carry petites of in the store.

Time to get the eyes checked

Driving to work this morning car in front of me had the most adorable stuffed animal I'd ever seen. A bright red pig with a white snout. I thought it was so sweet.

As I pulled up behind the car at a stoplight I got a closer look at the pig. It was a Maryland Terrapins hat, with the brim tucked into the back of the hat to keep it curled.

Definitely time for the eye doctors.

Friday, March 19, 2004


Riding in the car on the way to lunch with a co-worker, I was playing a No Doubt CD.
Her: Oooh who is this?
Me: No Doubt
H: OH I like them, I've heard the song on the radio

Several songs later
Her: I don't like No Doubt, these don't sound like the one from the radio.

For all the world I could only think of the time Tigger ate Pooh's honey.
"Tiggers LOVE honey!" After tasting it and getting the sticky stuff all over his paws... "Yeeuck, Tiggers do NOT like honey."

Thursday, March 11, 2004

It's official

I'm sorting through my dried cranberries picking out the plump ones and setting them aside. I eat the dry flat ones first and savor the juicier ones last.

Dieting sucks.
The Greatest Love of All

Yes, one of the famous ballads of the 80's. What I was forced to sing, along with 20 other children, during an elementary school assembly. This fantastic song is being sung. Loudly. By the woman in the stall next to mine. In the bathroom.

At the office.

Friday, March 05, 2004

Day of the bras

Ok I know. Sort of a weird subject. But it came up a lot yesterday.

I went for my swim yesterday and afterwards went in to the locker room to get cleaned up to go back to work. Now, this is a community pool, and a LOT of older women come here to swim. A LOT of immodest older women. I'm sorry madame, but I haven't hit that post 55, completely unabashed, walking around the locker room stark naked-stage yet. So I try to avert my eyes as much as humanly possible. Yesterday this became impossible. An older woman followed me to the back corner where I was changing (she had walked across the room from the showers naked), and she proceeded to talk to me. Now when I talk to people I tend to like to look at them, I think it's rude to stare at the floor when someone asks you a question.

Believe me, I have never been so politely rude, as when I stared straight at the floor while this woman talked to me. Everything flew out the window a few minutes later when she asked for me help fastening her bra. The poor thing just couldn't reach around and fasten those little hooks. She warned me before I helped that she'd had a mastectomy. I got her fastened in, and wished her well and headed on out to work.

Later last night, I was trying on bras (I've been needing a new one). I can't tell you how glad I was that I'm able to hook them myself, and that I could try on versions that didn't need a special pocket to insert a prosthesis. Even if I still haven't found the one that I'm looking for yet.

Monday, March 01, 2004

The world

You've seen my map of the US, now it's time for the world.

create your own visited country map

I still have a lot to see. I also cheated a bit and already marked off Australia, even though I won't get there until next month. Have I mentioned that we'll be going to Australia? Maybe a few times?
It's that time of year again!

Everyone be sure to say hello to Andy. And tell him how OLD he's getting!

Happy Birthday my love.