Wednesday, March 25, 2009


We've been invited to tour the new NICU at Shady Grove this evening. It's a hard hat tour since construction is still underway. Which is both good and bad. I'd love to see the sparkling new NICU all kitted out, but also don't think I could maintain any sort of composure seeing all the equipment in it's familiar place.

We haven't been back to Shady Grove since dropping off the digital camera kindly donated by the AFT and stopping in to inform the nurses about Stuart's memorial service. I both want to see the nurses and avoid them. A reaction I'm sure they're only too familiar with.

I'm thrilled that the donations made in Stuart's name are working towards a bigger better place for other babies like him; better equipment, more space, more staff...and I truly hope I'll never, ever have to experience it up close and personal again.

Friday, March 13, 2009

In the Midnight Hour, She Cried More, More, More

HURRAY!!! Aidan said "more" today along with signing it. He also started saying "no" and shaking his head a few days ago. I think we are on the road to full on speech very shortly.

Heaven help me.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Month 15

This month was the month of the teeth. Aidan's cut almost all four of his first molars. Just one left on the top that hasn't quite finished poking through. He's also learned how to go down the stairs backwards, and most importantly if we ask him a question he thinks about it, and answers. With a sign and possibly part of a word.

The other day while Andy's mom was watching him, she asked Aidan if he needed a diaper change. He raced over to the stairs, signing change and saying "Di! Di!" He's repeated this at home and if he's already upstairs, races towards his room.

Aidan also started saying "Arrow" to the dog again. He had stopped for a few weeks, we weren't sure why. But yesterday he started right back up again. Maybe it was because of the new teeth, talking just wasn't as much fun for a little while.

That's about all on the progress for now. Hopefully things will warm up around here soon and there'll be trips to the park, the pool, etc.