Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A bottle a day

I've been working on phasing out the bottles from Aidan's routine. A few "easy" goals before the next one gets here. Get Baby 1 off pacifiers, bottles, and out of the crib. We got rid of the pacifiers months ago, and I've got Aidan down to just one bottle a day now at bedtime.

I could probably get rid of that one too, but I have noticed that it's harder to get him down for a nap now that he drinks his milk from sippy cups. So for another week or so we'll keep that last bottle.

Next step? Introduction to toddler bed. Yipes!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

18 Months - A Year and a Half!

We've been trying to figure out how many words Aidan can say, so I thought I make a list here. The one's with a star are those he also signs.
In no particular order...
  1. Arrow
  2. Mama
  3. Dada
  4. up*
  5. down*
  6. blanket
  7. bear
  8. lovey
  9. star
  10. moon
  11. book
  12. door
  13. diaper
  14. chair
  15. light*
  16. fan
  17. car
  18. fish*
  19. ball
  20. window
  21. outside
  22. truck
  23. bird*
  24. geese
  25. coffee
  26. bean
  27. cup
  28. stir
  29. sugar
  30. food*
  31. hungry*
  32. eat
  33. cookie*
  34. apple*
  35. more*
  36. spoon
  37. bib
  38. off
  39. nose
  40. ear
  41. eye
  42. toes
  43. knee
  44. arm
  45. shoes
  46. ride
  47. keys
  48. snap
  49. no/nope
  50. "copter," ie. helicopter*
  51. soft
  52. hole
  53. hide
  54. music
  55. milk*
  56. dog
  57. hurt*
  58. trash
  59. tv
  60. Elmo (heaven help me)
  61. cold
  62. hot
  63. water*
  64. bath
  65. wash
  66. watch
  67. hat
  68. glasses
  69. grass
  70. dirt
  71. sheep
  72. knob
  73. help*
  74. nice
  75. dip
  76. please*
  77. banana*
  78. mess
  79. bee
  80. ni-ni
  81. hi*
  82. bye*
  83. juice
  84. love*
Some he's been saying for quite a while and others are newly picked up, and I'm sure I'm forgetting some. He claps when a song or tv show is over, brushes his teeth reasonably well on his own, will bring me something when I ask, and can point out his head, eyes, ears, nose, chin, cheeks, mouth, teeth, elbows, arms, hands, feet, toes, and knees. Even though he can't say all of the words for them yet. Aidan loves watching me sign the alphabet while we sing, and has started recognizing some of the letters and some of his numbers. We're still working on colors. I got him to say yellow once but haven't been able to repeat it or have him consistently point it out. Aidan also says lots of sounds that things make, like 'honk' for geese or beeping his nose. He also knows dogs say "woof" cats say "meow," and when Arrow licks him "eww." Elephants say "pphhtb" cars go "vrroom", and any unknown motor sound in the distance is a helicopter.

Aidan also just had his 18 month checkup this morning and is average for weight and above average for height. Only one shot today (hooray!) and the doctor said he's doing great.

I guess that's about it for this month, more on the new baby in the next few days.