Thursday, October 29, 2009

Last post as a family of 3

I officially have 4 weeks left before surgery. Unofficially, things could go down at any time. 10 days from now will be the point at which Aidan decided to make an appearance. If his little brother decides the same...well, then we have 10 days until we're a family of 4!

Aidan's been doing some phenomenal things lately. Maybe all kids do these things at this point, but they seem pretty awesome to me anyway. He's been singing along with songs for a little while and knows and can sing almost all of Jesus Loves Me, Twinkle Twinkle, the ABCs, and Itsy Bitsy Spider. He just needs a little prompting here and there, but he knows all the words in the right order.

He can also count to 10 and lately has been adding on 11 and 12. Sometimes 4 and 5 get left out, but who needs them anyway, right?

Aidan's also been pretending. This one flabbergasts me. I had no idea it started so young. A few months ago he handed me one of his toy cups and announced "soup!" and wasn't satisfied until I'd taken a sip of it. This progressed into "hot dog" and sitting and pretending to make coffee with Daddy. Yesterday, he was carrying around two of his stuffed animals and suddenly announced "bear, sleep! hedgehog, sleep!" and laid both of them down. Then he looked at me and said "blanket!" and ran back to his room. Seconds later he came back with the arm covers from the rocking chair and laid them over top of each animal. After patting each one and announcing sleep again he grabbed my hand and made me leave the room.

Clearly the life of a stuffed hedgehog and bear is tiring, they needed their rest.

He's done so many other adorable things lately, but I can't post them all. Well, I could but who'd have time to read them? All in all I think he's going to be a wonderful big brother and I can't wait until we all get to meet Duncan.

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